Challenges seem to come at the time when we feel we need them least. Often, it’s the opposite. The issues we neglect persist and continue to exist, we only listen when they become loud enough to drown out the issues we want to work on. That is, they become screamers.

Today, I write you as we enter a profound new era of tribalism in our society. We have known divisions before: communism vs. capitalism, Republican vs. Democrat, rich vs. poor. The topics are not new; we just engage them differently.

The difference is today we live in a world where…

Hard to imagine that this latest election cycle was “fun” for anyone.

Division has characterized our news networks (Fox vs. CNN), pundits (Rachel Maddow vs. Greta Van Susteren), and our elected leaders (‘Socialist AOC’ vs. ‘Dark Lord McConnell’).

That is not news. What feels new is that choice has even…

Quarantine Movie: Ratatouille (2007, Produced by Pixar).

The punchline: a theme of upstart Greatness vs. the established elite — a reminder that what is yet great can be found in the most unlikely places (even during these times).

Movie Review

You may recall Ratatouille as the film about a rat that can…

Social media is chock-full of economic statements.

It’s true. People really like to show their unique take on the good life.

And why not. It’s fun.

A simple scroll grants me first-row access to a weekend worth of adventures:

  • A former colleague snorkeling with his bikini-clad Aussie girlfriend in the…

Recession predictions are a bit like sensing a bust coming in Black Jack or a “crap out.” You know you’ve been doing well, but when do you pull your money off the table (and tip the dealer)?

The game-dominant strategy?

Keep playing.

But before I dare jump into probability theory…

I just got back from beautiful Lake Tahoe where I stayed at an exclusive summer resort.

By all measures it was amazing: energetic staff all over, beautiful mahogany wood lined the lobby, thousand thread count linens, and the restaurant did not disappoint.

So why was my first thought that I…

Miguel Alexander

Accounting and Business Advisor, Real Estate Investor, Father of Two Future Entrepreneurs

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